Tricycle is Richmond’s leading urban agriculture nonprofit organization, and we are on a mission to grow a healthy future through urban agriculture. Since breaking ground on our first garden, we have engaged thousands of neighbors and shown that the simple act of growing food is an incredibly powerful way to impact the overall health of our community.

Our work addresses a myriad of challenging issues, and ultimately our mission is about FOOD:


Focus on community needs


Outreach and education


Opportunities for healthy food access


Design of beautiful spaces


Over a decade ago a small group of neighbors and friends came together with a shared dream to address blight in the city in a way that would bring the neighborhood of Church Hill together in a truly organic manner. This was done by reviving an old concept, and making it new again and transforming an abandoned lot into a beautiful and productive garden built for and by the community itself. Neighbors came together at the intersection of 23rd and Jefferson Ave and the story is told that as they dug in to create our first community garden pieces of an old tricycle were unearthed and Tricycle Gardens was born.

It tells the story of our beginnings and one of urban agriculture. As we have continued to revitalize neighborhoods and transform abandoned spaces with community gardens, children’s gardens, urban farms and orchards, we regenerate the health and vibrancy of our city.




I have a profound passion for sustainable agriculture from childhood to current. I want to constantly stay in the cutting edge of biological farming to transfer the knowledge to the urban community by erecting an urban farm to table using sustainable methods. In turn promoting wellness as well as passing the baton of urban agriculture to tomorrow’s leaders.

Dita’s passion to innovate and do work that has a positive impact has led her through two degrees and many self directed learning experiences. She recently worked with the Biophilic Cities Project developing content on urban wildlife and urban nature-human coupled developments, and helped develop curriculum for youth leaders in public housing on food justice and urban development with the Institute for Environmental Negotiation. I am hoping to learn hands on agricultural skills, and identify strategic partners and opportunities to use her urban planning and design knowledge to help develop a community driven, ecologically sustainable, food system planning project or non-profit to achieve higher levels of equity – environment, food, and economic – in the city of Richmond.

I moved to Richmond in 2009 and fell in love with the city. I graduated from VCU in 2013 with a Bachelor’s in Biology, but after studying along the notion of continuing in the Medical field, I left VCU wanting to impact the community using a different approach. I’m hoping to get my small farm in eastern Henrico off the ground over the next few years and aim for the farm to be my full time job as well as a source of health for the surrounding community.

Immersed in creativity as child, I grew up with a passion to create change. Rooted in community enrichment, art and healthy life practices; my involvement in the community with groups such as Drums No Guns, Richmond Youth Peace Project and Camp Diva have exposed me to the value of being evolved and embedded in your community. I am a lead natural hairstylist in Richmond Virginia. Integrating holistic beauty techniques into my haircare services, I cultivate beauty inside and out. I’m pursuing urban agriculture through the Tricycle’s fellowship program so that I can gain the skills and knowledge to implement in her workings as a Natural Hair Stylist. My goals upon completion of the fellowship are to move toward opening my own 100% Organic natural enrichment salon in Richmond Virginia, Housing a rooftop garden; creating a space where Organic just isn’t a word, its what we put on our bodies, its what we eat , its what we wear, its what we speak, its how we live.

I am a recent graduate of William and Mary and lifelong resident of Virginia, and moved to Richmond two summers ago with a desire to get involved in local, urban farming. Growing up, I was surrounded by strong women who always emphasized the value of working outside, growing food, and knowing what one was eating and where it came from. After a formal education in anthropology and environmental science, as well as, some short experiences on small scale vegetable farms, I realized farming was most certainly in my future. Since moving to Richmond, my time has been spent as a School Garden Coordinator with Fit4Kids and Backyard Farmer, educating elementary aged children on how to grow vegetables and the importance of healthy eating. Wanting to take my farming skills to the next level, I hope to gain from the Tricycle Fellowship the skills necessary to begin my own urban farm in Richmond, perhaps even on a rooftop.

Originally from Fredericksburg, VA, I have been living and working in Richmond for the past 6 months. I was introduced to the program by Jason Tsai and was immediately inspired by the innovatively designed farms and noble mission of the program. I attended Howard University for Latin and Philosophy, and have worked a number jobs since moving back to VA. The Tricycle Urban-Ag Fellowship is a very unique opportunity to me, and I am very honored to have been selected for the program. I plan to use the skills he learns to strengthen the black community in Richmond and Fredericksburg through access to nutrient dense food, information about their biochemistry, and an agriculture based community support system.

I believe strongly in the power of nutritious food to transform, and am committed to reconnecting people to our food systems. I look forward to the opportunities the fellowship program at Tricycle Gardens will afford me to not only build my practical knowledge base surrounding urban agriculture but to develop and nurture relationships with Richmond’s urban farm + food justice community. The program will allow me to dig into many different facets of food security + inequity, non-profit structure, and sustainable growing + business practices all while making meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. At the heart of it, I’m thrilled to be spending more of my time amongst my favorite teachers: plants.

I have lived in Richmond for over 10 years off and on. I originally came to Richmond to complete my B.S. in Biology and graduated in 2010. I have always had a passion for the creative aspect of food including both growing and preparation. My passion and knowledge has grown in the last 6 years and I have been fortunate enough to have opportunities to expand my knowledge in both traditional and urban agriculture. By participating in the Urban Agriculture fellowship program, I hope to learn how to successfully implement and maintain urban farm sites with a focus in education and community outreach via our public schools and community centers.

My true affinity for farming was born through travel and experiencing different walks of life. I grew a greater love for nature  during this time with folks I met homesteading and working the land providing for themselves, others and the earth. While with Tricycle gardens I’ll be striving to grow and cultivate more ecosystems within urban areas. I hope to help others dive in and hold tight to a labor of love, one that realizes the significance of nature’s nurturing and healing effects.

I’ve lived in Richmond for the past 10 years in a small house on about a quarter acre. Three years ago I decided to take advantage of my large backyard (comparable to other city dwellers) and purchased three ducks and a goat. The goat herd has expanded into three, and I couldn’t be happier with them. Everyday, my khaki Campbell ducks produce two eggs. You can eat them the same as chicken eggs, and they have a bit of a higher protein level. I intend to use my female goat for her milk to eventually make cheeses and soap products. I aspire to be an extensive urban farmer while living within the city and to grow a plethora of produce this next year.  Eventually I would like to grow a large scale farm on several acres, but do not have a decided direction yet. I chose to join the Tricycle Gardens Urban Agricultural Fellowship to get my foot in the door with a formal education and hands on experience that I can be proud of and believe in. I’m very excited for what this year has ahead and so happy to be a part of agriculturally growing this wonderful city.


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Rooted in Community

It takes a village grow an urban farm, and ours is rooted in our community of Richmond. These folks make our work possible, and so much fun! Supporting them – supports us- and then we all grow together!

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Foundation and Corporate Partnership

As a non-profit organization, Tricycle partners with foundation and corporate partners who share our interest in growing a healthy future through urban agriculture. From grant making and event sponsorships to employee engagement opportunities and consumer promotions, our partnerships are creatively designed to the unique needs of each partner.

To learn more about how partnership with and investment in Tricycle supports cultivating our local community, please contact Lindsay Cavanah at 804-231-7767 or


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